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Why do you USE a landline?

Landlines today serve far more purpose than an office phone.  We see clients connected to intercoms, fire alarms, burglar alarms, handicap lifts, HVAC, panic systems, gas meters, various modems, and elevator phones just to name a few.

Why do you NEED a landline?

Also commonly referred to as plain old telephone service (POTS), the landline was invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell.  Despite being the oldest form of telecommunications, landlines remain the gold standard for call clarity, reliability, and safety.

Your service travels over wires from origination point to your business eliminating:

  • Dead zones
  • Weak signal areas
  • Performance fluctuations caused by cell tower strength and load variance
  • GPS tracking errors

Landlines are also unique because they DO NOT require electricity, internet, or a modem to work, providing those using it for public safety peace of mind.

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