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Reseller 101

What is a Reseller?

Solidifying the first major overhaul in over 60 years, President Bill Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996.  The main goal was to eliminate the industry’s monopoly, and allow other businesses to compete so consumers have a choice.  A reseller is authorized to purchase telecommunications services from the carriers that own the network, and resell them direct to the consumer.  Regardless of the name on your bill, the landline network in greater Chicagoland is owned by AT&T – so if your invoice doesn’t say AT&T, it is a resold service.  ITC takes AT&T dial tone and packages it under our brand at the lowest rates in IL, averaging upwards of 40% savings vs our competitors.

Reseller Commonly Asked Q&A

Q:  If I transfer my service to ITC will there be any interruption or down time?

A:  Transfers of service are seamless because the landline network stays the same.  There is no physical change, and when your service moves over to ITC it is literally a change in billing.

Q:  If my service is with ITC do I still call AT&T?

A:  ITC is your new telephone company, so all billing, sales, service, and general inquiries should go directly to us!

Q:  Do repairs take longer to complete through a reseller vs direct retail?

A:  Since AT&T owns the network, only AT&T personnel are authorized to make those types of repairs.  With that in mind, think of ITC as a responsive expert in all AT&T repair processes.  We leverage our knowledge to resolve your service issues as quickly and efficiently as possible without long hold times or transfers to countless departments.  We eliminate the headache of "dealing" with the phone company!

Q:  Do I continue paying my old phone company after a transfer?

A:  Unless you have a unique arrangement where your old phone company does not prorate charges, ITC's transfer orders notify your carrier to stop billing effective the date of the transfer.  It usually takes 1-2 months for a final prorated invoice from your old phone company to populate.  You can wait to make payment for a final prorated bill, but you may be subject to a late charge.  Your other option is to continue paying your old phone company and receive a refund once their system processes the amount due to you.