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ITC has you covered offering value-added services providing your business the flexibility and presence you need!

8XX Toll Free Service

Make it easier than ever for clients to reach you by subscribing to ITC’s toll-free service for a low flat monthly rate and $0.05/minute domestic.  Vanity numbers available but may incur an additional one-time charge.

Remote Call Forwarding

Imagine your business everywhere you want to be!  Just tell us the locations you want to grow in and ITC will provide you with local phone numbers that forward to your main business line.  RCF packages are billed at a low flat monthly rate which includes 1000 free minutes.  Any additional minutes are $0.05/minute.  Vanity 8XX numbers available but may incur an additional one-time charge.

Long Distance Service

Only pay $0.05/minute for what you need when using ITC’s long distance service!  No minimums or requirement to pay for an expensive unlimited plan you don’t need.


With popular features like voicemail to email and text/call notifications our voicemail solution gives you flexibility to retrieve your messages instantly from anywhere!