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Calling Plans

Are you tired of haggling every year with customer service or being transferred to customer loyalty departments out of the country to get the best rate? Are you fed up with the phone company hiking your rate up after every contract negotiation or having to navigate countless calling plans? ITC offers the best price upfront to maximize savings and value for our clients, averaging over 40% savings vs the competition!!

ITC Value Plus Plan

Available Terms 1 and 3 years
Plan Includes Unlimited local & local toll calling and caller ID w/name.  Hunt groups available free of charge
Prerequisites 2 or more lines at the same service address within ITC service area
Optional Long distance calling and additional available calling features

ITC Advantage Plan

Available Terms Month-to-Month
Plan Includes Unlimited local calling, caller ID w/name, and call forwarding.  Hunt groups available free of charge
Within ITC service area

Optional Local toll & long distance calling and additional available calling features

Optional Features

Want more than what comes standard? With ITC, you have the power to choose exactly what you need without the fluff so you pay less! Below you will find a convenient table of available calling features, description, and basic use instructions.

 Feature Description
 Automatic Callback Allows an end user to automatically return the last incoming call, whether or not it was answered, by dialing an activation code
 Call Forward Busy Redirects incoming calls to a preassigned number when encountering a busy condition

 Call Forward No Answer Redirects incoming calls to a preassigned number when unanswered after a specified number of rings

 Call Waiting Allows you to take another call without disconnecting the one you're on by putting the first call on hold while you answer the second
 Direct Connect Automatic dialing to a preassigned number when going off hook

 Repeat Dialing Calls a busy number and alerts you when the line is free

 Speed Calling 30 Allows you to assign a two-digit code for up to 30 frequently called numbers so that they can be dialed quickly

 Variable Call Forwarding Allows you to forward incoming calls to another number. You control activation/deactivation and the forward to number
 Three-Way Calling Provides three-party conference calling capability from a standard touch-tone or rotary phone without operator assistance
 Voicemail Allows caller to leave you voice messages which can be retrieved anywhere